Top-quality language services
for the Eastern European
academic and business communities


Sax Translations provides high-quality language services for the Eastern European academic and business communities. The Sax Translation team is led by Daniel Sax (an American translator, editor, and translator-trainer who has been based in Eastern Europe for the past 20 years), in collaboration with a hand-picked team of native English translators and editors.

For the academic community

We offer Eastern European authors comprehensive assistance in preparing materials in English for publication in top-notch research journals and with international publishers. Science-related texts are our main specialty, and have been for years!

Some of the translation, editing, and consultation services we offer involve:

  • Research Articles
  • Books (Monographs & Collections)
  • Popular Science
  • Websites & Press Releases

Our hallmark is that we work in very close cooperation with the authors themselves, to ensure that the end result is both scientifically accurate and stylistically appealing.

For the business community

We also provide top-quality editing, translation, and language consultation for Eastern European companies anxious to ensure that their websites, product catalogs, annual reports, etc., are suitable for a demanding global audience.


Daniel Sax - I am a translator, editor, and translator-trainer. Born and educated in the United States, I have been based in Eastern Europe for the past 20 years (primarily Poland, but also Russia and Hungary).

The “Sax Translations” business has emerged out of my two decades of experience providing language services, and I act as lead translator/editor for all Sax Translation projects.

I mainly focus on Polish-English translation (sometimes interpreting), but have occasionally done Russian-English and Hungarian-English translation work.

I myself am also a part-time academic: I have taught numerous courses on the practice and theory of translation (at Warsaw University and SWPS). Moreover, I have published 10 research papers of my own, some in English and some in Polish, in the fields of translation studies and linguistics.

detailed CV (pdf)


“Very thorough and reliable assistance in revising important articles prior to publication in world-class journals.”

Prof. Janusz Jurczak, Faculty of Chemistry (Warsaw University) and Institute of Organic Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences)

“Daniel Sax’s translations garner praise from Western reviewers and are eagerly accepted for publication by Western publishing houses.”

Prof. Anna Grześkowiak-Krwawicz, Institute for Literary Research (Polish Academy of Sciences)

“Through his highly professional translations into English and editing of research texts written in English (including in the popular-science magazine Academia and in the organization’s Annual Reports on its research activities), Daniel Sax has greatly helped promote the research work underway at the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.”

Prof. Michał Kleiber, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences

“Sax Translations provides a lot of assistance getting results published in top-class journals. They help edit drafts prior to submission, formulate professional responses in English to reviewers’ comments, and coordinate necessary revisions.”

Dr. Katarzyna Kaczmarczyk, Faculty of Rehabilitation (University of Physical Education in Warsaw)


For a cost estimate, please contact:
sax.translations AT

We typically provide a cost estimate based on an hourly rate, by translating/copy-editing a small sample in order to evaluate the difficulty of the given project.  

Business address:
Daniel Sax
ul. Piękna 58 m 13
Warsaw 00-672, Poland
REGON (business registration number): 140453055
NIP (tax identification number): 526-234-35-31